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  • Please Note: If you need to arrange for someone other than yourself to pick up your pet, you will need to authorize it when you check-in. If you have someone else pick up your pet, Sam & Danni's is not responsible should something happen to your pet once it leaves our building. A credit card on file is required for all reservations and will be billed unless other arrangements have been made.
  • If the dog/cat/other becomes seriously ill or injured, the owner or emergency contact will be notified at once. If the owner/emergency contact does not inform immediately regarding measures to be taken, or if the state of the pet's health demands quick action, Sam & Danni's shall have the right to call the veterinarian designated by you, or if no vet is designated, to use our vet on call, or administer medicine or give other advisable attention, within our discretion and judgment. Such expenses shall be paid promptly by the owner of the pet.
  • All dogs/cats/other boarded, handled, or cared for by Sam & Danni's without liability on our part for loss or damage from disease, death, running away, theft, injury to persons, self-inflicted injury due to behavior problems, other dogs, or property by said dog/cat/other, or other unavoidable causes, due to diligence and care having been exercised.
  • Sam & Danni's Pet Resort & Spa requires that all guests be current on vaccinations to ensure a healthy stay for your pet and the health of the other guests. If your pet is not current on vaccinations, you may be turned away or your pet will be taken to the vet and you will be charged a $35.00 transportation fee along with the cost of the vaccinations.
  • I agree to give permission for Sam & Danni's Pet Resort & Spa, Inc. to use my pet(s) for advertising purposes. I understand there will be no monetary consideration for the use of my pet(s) in advertising.

Our Hours

Mon-Fri 7 AM - 6 PM | Sat 8 AM - 12 PM
Sun 10 AM-12 PM & 6-7 PM
*Holidays 5-6 PM only*

All drop offs Mon-Sat should be here 1 hour before close. Pick up anytime during regular hours but by 11am for no charge. Ask about our after-hours pick up for daycare!!!


We boarded our lab and husky there and much to our surprise when we went to get them, they DID NOT want to leave.. Sam and Danni's is AWESOME!!!!

Teresa Ondarko

News Flash

  • PET LOVERS! It's that time of year when pets are curious about the great outdoors. So if your pet gets sprayed, here is a skunk spray recipe for dogs or cats.

  • Rent Activity Center

    Did you know that you can rent our 5000 sq. ft., climate controlled activity center for training, or just to play.

  • Grooming Tip

    Make sure to thoroughly brush out your long coated dog before bathing.

    Bathing an un-brushed dog will cause any matting to become bigger and tighter to the skin.

  • Maintaining your dogs nails on a regular basis (every two weeks) this will keep the quick from growing too long and will help you keep your pet’s nails shorter.

    Toe nail trims can be given at any time without an appointment.

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