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Check In / Check Out Policies

Medical Attention:

Please inform our staff each visit if your pet has or is experiencing any of the following problems: arthritis, allergies, seizures, hip problems, tumors, bloat, eye or ear infections, constipation, diarrhea, urinary tract infections, or any other medical problems that we need to be aware of.

If your pet requires medical attention during their stay, we will try to take your pet to your veterinarian (within a reasonable distance) if possible. We also have a vet on call and a 24 hour emergency clinic if necessary. There is a fee for bringing your pet to the vet and it will be added to your bill, along with the veterinary bills. If your dog has diarrhea while here, we will need to administer kaopecatate or rice and or yogurt, etc. to help them with their upset tummy. There is a nominal fee charged for diarrhea diet.

Checking In:

  1. Vaccination Records: Rabies, Distemper and Bordatella are required if you are a new client or have not visited since your last update. We do not accept hand written records. Bordatella must be given seven days (No exceptions) before your stay if your dog hasn't previously had it or if is expired.

  2. All dogs need to be on a leash while on our premises to prevent a chance of possible problems. All cats should be brought in carriers or on a leash.

  3. Toys, Bones: A couple of toys are welcome, please kept in mind - small kongs, tennis balls, and anything rolly will roll out of the suites. You shouldn't send your pet's most important toy as they can get misplaced and we are not responsible for lost items, although we try our best, you can be assured. Bones that are sharp or too small for your pet will not be given to them during their stay. Any bones or toys that are used during your pet's stay that become damaged by your pet and is considered dangerous by our staff will be taken away.

  4. Clean bedding and dishes are supplied for your pet daily. You are allowed to bring bedding as long as it is washable and your pet doesn't chew or eat it. If your pet is chewing or eating the bedding it will be taken away so that they don't hurt themselves. Some pets will chew bedding etc. when they are in a new environment away from home but don't chew on these items at home. Don't be too upset about this, it is normal for some dogs. We cannot be responsible for chewed or lost bedding. All bedding and blankets must be marked with pets first and last name in permanent marker and must be washable. Please do not bring any towels or dishes.

  5. Tell us if someone else is picking up your pet, so that we can get authorization from you in writing for security purposes, and make arrangements for your bill to be paid. Leave a credit card number or a check with us or your friend, however you wish, but we cannot release a pet without payment. If someone else is dropping off your pet, make sure to make arrangements ahead of time for any extras you want for your pet, along with feeding instructions, medication instructions if any, and emergency numbers. We cannot be responsible for any extra's you didn't approve of but were signed for. If you are having personal problems and there are any persons you do not wish us to release your pet to, please make us aware of this.

  6. Medications: Please have medications in clearly marked containers with pet's name and dosage amount on each item. Please do not put them in with your pet's food. Make sure liquid meds are in a spill-proof container with a tight closing lid. Medications are kept in a separate area for safety. We charge a minimal fee for administering medications.

  7. Food: It is recommended that you bring your pets usual food to avoid any tummy troubles from switching foods.  Please refrain from bringing a 50# bag for a couple day stay.  Instead, please use an ice cream pail, baggies, Tupperware, etc. (an ice cream pail will hold enough food for an average dog for 4-5 days.)

Checking Out:

We find it easier to settle the bill first, as the reunion can be pretty exciting and chaotic. Please help us to remember your pet's belongings and medications.

If your departure is going to be later than expected, please call us, as in most cases (with the exception of peak times and holidays) it isn't usually a problem, but we like to know this so we can adjust our reserved spacing, and if you ordered a bath for your pet, call us if you will be departing earlier or later so that we can adjust the bath date to when you are coming for your pet.

When you get home- Please do not give your pet a lot of water or food. It is natural for your pet to be excitable and appear thirsty. Your dog needs to settle at home for a few hours before you give them water and food.

Sam & Danni's provides water for your dog all day long. If you give your dog a lot of food and water when you arrive home you will run the risk of diarrhea and vomiting, due to nerves and excitement. If your pet develops diarrhea when you get home, it's probably due to stress and/or changes in food. Tummy troubles can usually be taken care of with Kaopectate and a diet including white rice and boiled chicken or hamburger for a few days, this normally does not require a vet visit.

All food should be withheld for the first 24 hours and then feed the bland diet. Make sure your pet is drinking enough water so they don't get dehydrate. Give us a call if you need any more information or advice on this topic. When you board your pet it can be very exciting, your dog may leave exhausted but happy and may sleep a lot the first few days at home.

You may find that your cat sheds a great deal when it comes to car rides and changes in surroundings. If you experience any problems or have any questions concerning your pets stay please contact us.

Our Hours

Mon-Fri 7 AM - 6 PM | Sat 8 AM - 12 PM
Sun 10 AM-12 PM & 6-7 PM
*Holidays 5-6 PM only*

All drop offs Mon-Sat should be here 1 hour before close. Pick up anytime during regular hours but by 11am for no charge. Ask about our after-hours pick up for daycare!!!


We boarded our lab and husky there and much to our surprise when we went to get them, they DID NOT want to leave.. Sam and Danni's is AWESOME!!!!

Teresa Ondarko

News Flash

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  • Rent Activity Center

    Did you know that you can rent our 5000 sq. ft., climate controlled activity center for training, or just to play.

  • Grooming Tip

    Make sure to thoroughly brush out your long coated dog before bathing.

    Bathing an un-brushed dog will cause any matting to become bigger and tighter to the skin.

  • Maintaining your dogs nails on a regular basis (every two weeks) this will keep the quick from growing too long and will help you keep your pet’s nails shorter.

    Toe nail trims can be given at any time without an appointment.

  • FYI: Which plants are safe and which are not for animals?


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